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Kinesiology (kin-easy-ology) is renowned for being able to identify and help the underlying cause of health problems that are difficult to find by any other means. It is an experience in how to feel better, Chiropractic without the adjustments, Acupuncture without the needles.  Kinesiology is a truly holistic therapy.  The first choice for life improvement, a powerful, stimulating yet relaxing way to achieve health and vitality, a dynamic way to address the whole individual ... structurally, nutritionally, energetically and emotionally.

Kinesiology uses a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine (with it's understanding of the energy of the body) and modern Chiropractic with it's knowledge of muscles and bones and how they move and muscle testing as a non-invasive way of getting direct feedback from your body.

Our life is a story, we are the central character but other players are included and there are many scene changes. Our story may start in our childhood or it can be inherited. Our stories can be replayed over and over again, they become patterns so embedded within us we cannot change, we feel stuck and unable to move forward. When our story is witnessed without judgment, it no longer has a hold. Old wounds, hurts and traumas are released making way for a new story that includes our dreams of all we wish for ouselves. I work with you to discover the causes of the blocks and any limiting patterns that are preventing you from moving forward and attaining your full potential and we create the conditions for your body to find it's own way of making the changes needed.

This is a dynamic way of treating the whole person, by communicating directly with your body. It's a 'hands on' therapy, but carried out fully clothed, with corrections and treatments including, massage or light touch on specific reflex and lymphatic points or balancing acupuncture meridian points.

The benefits of Kinesiology can be:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • General health improvement
  • Stress relief and strategies to manage stress and emotions
  • Improved posture and relief from physical pain and tension
  • Prevention of illness
  • Changing attitudes and set and achieve life goals
  • Enhanced work and sports performance. 

Everyone can benefit, including children, the elderly, athletes, performers, the fit, the injured the unwell.  When someone cannot be muscle tested themselves a 'surrogate' may be used. Kinesiology restores the whole system to a state of balance and thus facilitates the self -healing process.

The treatment is carried out fully clothed. During the first session I take a case history and the process will be explained. I will explain and demonstrate muscle monitoring (testing) to you demonstrate it.

In a Creative Kinesiology session we work together in a co- creative way.  Muscle testing enables me to communicate with the wisdom of the body to find the source of an issue, the story behind it and what is needed to empower and enable the client to move forward in their life. Sessions usually last between 60 an 90 minutes.  Significant change can take place after one session, however I recommend at least 3 sessions, this can result in profound change and ensure that any changes are anchored in your body.

Some people continue with Creative Kinesiology on a regular basis. Others find it beneficial when they need to be functioning optimally or want help making transitions in their life.

Fees: £40 for 1 hour session or 30 minute taster session £25.

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Fees: £40 for 1 hour session or 30 minute taster session £25

As a recognised Kinesiology Federation Mentor I also offer mentoring at £30 per hour

'A life changing experience.' The Times

' A session cannot fail to strengthen the body, helping healing and stimulating wellness'.  Womens Weekly

'The only way I can describe it is that I feel more like 'me' than ever before.'  Vikki