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Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Energy. In 1922 Mikau Usui developed a method of connecting to the energy which is used primarily for the well being of self but can also be transferred to others. It is a natural healing system that uses the universal life energy to restore the natural balance and healing abilities of the body. This in turn helps to prevent illness and dis-ease.

Reiki brings balance to both mind and emotions.  Reiki encourages and supports positive personal choices, such as improving diet, taking more excersise, devoting time for rest or leissure activities and may reduce the need for alcohol and tobacco. Reiki is for everyone no matter what age, sex, religion or state of health. The only prerequisite is a desire to be in harmony and balance. It can also be beneficial to plants and animals.

As a holistic therapy, Reiki treats the cause not the symptom, therefore treating the 'whole' person, that is the mind, body and spirit, evoking a general sense of well being. Reiki can help you by:

  • Accelerating your natural healing process
  • Enabling you to relax
  • Removing tension and releasing stress
  • Creating balance, harmony, clarity and focus
  • Improving your concentration
  • Aiding meditation and positive thinking
  • Encouraging your personal development
  • Enabling self love and love for others
  • Giving you a better quality of life
  • Enhancing other treatments and boosting your immune system
  • Helping you take responsibility for your own health

A Reiki treatment is a simple process and you can either lie on a couch or sit or even stand. I then gently lay my hands on your body in various positions and allow the Reiki to flow through into your body. No removal of clothing is necessary.During a treatment you may feel heat, cold, tingling, twitching, a warm loving feeling, waves of energy or nothing. No two people are alike. No matter what you feel be sure that Reiki is working for your benefit. Reiki brings balance and harmony to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of your being, thus promoting good health.

Fees: £40 per one hour session

Giving Reiki to yourself is the best way to obtaining maximum benefit and regaining the balance of mind, body and spirit that is the essence of good health and well being. Reiki is easy to use and a joy to learn. As a Reiki practitioner and teacher I can show you how to use Reiki for yourself and others. I hold training courses each month for First and Second Degree Reiki and Reiki Master and Reiki  Master Teaching training when required.  My Reiki courses are designed to support each individual's growth and progress. For this reason, the number of participants is limited to three. Certificates and full manuals are issued for all degrees. Once a person has been attuned to Reiki, healing energy will flow through the hands of its own accord - an ability that will be maintained throughout life. To learn more about Reiki courses click here.

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Fees: £40 per one hour session

‘This is the most relaxed I have ever been in my life'. Tim

'My body let go of all tension and I felt relaxed and cherished ' Sarah

'The Reiki sessions have helped me to remain calm and relaxed during quite a stressful time.' John

'I have a sense of harmony and balance, which has allowed my body to heal more easily'.  Susan