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Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is an effortless way to feel better. 'Zero Balancing is an advanced body work which specialises in the balancing of both the human energy field and its anatomical structure. '  (Massage Therapy Journal). Zero Balancing moves beyond western scientific approaches to body structure by incorporating Eastern concepts of energy and healing. Zero Balancing can:

  • Relieve physical pain
  • Release held tensions
  • Improve overall body functioning
  • Enable you to relax deeply

Zero Balancing can be beneficial for many people and effective in a variety of ways and is particularly helpful in dealing with stress and consequently with the illnesses caused or exacerbated by stress.

If you have no specific problem or difficulty, do not feel ill, and yet know you do not feel really well either, Zero Balancing can bring you to a direct experience of positive well-being, helping you to feel greater ease and vitality.

If you feel good, Zero Balancing offers you the opportunity to feel even better by promoting a deep sense of physical and emotional well-being and harmony from which your own natural healing process can work more effectively.

Zero Balancing brings the structure (bone, soft tissue and all the body organs) and energy (muscular movements, movement of tissue fluids, cellular and molecular vibrations, movement within the body fields, and movement of the life force itself) of the body into balance.  It can be useful to think of the structural body as the sail of a boat and the energy body as the wind. At some point the wind meets the sail. When structure and energy are not integrated, you're like a sailor floundering at sea, not "tacked into the winds of life." Life is less satisfying and you're more susceptible to all manner of emotional distress and disease -- from simple irritability and headaches to more profound mental or physical symptoms and illnesses.

Zero Balancing uses held stretches and gentle pressure to bone at key areas of the body and gets to the root of the problem. Zero Balancing sessions take between 45 and 60 minutes and are performed with you fully clothed. Sessions begin with you in a seated position, moving from there to a comfortable reclining position on your back. Using touch, I evaluate your energy fields and energy flow in these two positions and balance the structures as needed. I may focus on body, mind, spirit, or all three. Throughout the Zero Balancing session particular attention is given to the skeleton.

Fees: £40 for 1 hour session or 30 minutes taster session £25 . 

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Fees: £40 for 1 hour 

or  £25 for 30 minute taster session

'I don't feel invisible any more.'  Karen

'I feel weightless, balanced.  If I didn't know better I would swear I was floating.'
Daily Telegraph

'Try to imagine a hands-on treatment which not only treats headaches, shoulder pian and lower back problems, but also helps clear your mind.'
Jane Alexander, Daily Mail


Zero Balancing